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Patient Spotlight: This Is What Rehab Is All About!

Updated: May 3

We love seeing how our patients are doing after they leave our care. Chris Mayes recently paid us a visit with his father. Chris was a patient in March after suffering a intraventricular subarachnoid hemorrhage with left cerebral infarction (stroke). He had a trach and a peg tube for delivery of nutrition after being on a ventilator for an extended period. His goal was to have these removed. Chris endured intense stroke rehab services, including physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapies. When he left Oklahoma City Rehab Hospital, he had improved his mobility. With the help of his father and home health, Chris is now walking longer distances and continues to improve. The rehab team said, “Thanks, Chris, for coming to see us! We are so proud of what you have accomplished!”

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