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Working Together to Provide Collaborative & Connected Care


Because quality begins and ends at the top, our Oklahoma City Rehabilitation Hospital management team members are selected and appointed based upon their proven track record of success, personal and professional integrity, inspiration to others, and their ability to lead by example to carry out our mission, vision, and values.

Your treatment team

We believe the best rehab therapy for you is delivered by an inspired team of therapists, nurses, and physicians who seamlessly coordinate individualized therapy and medical care based upon established expected outcomes.

Because this ensures you have the highest chance of regaining independence to safely return to your life, we are committed to hiring professionals with the highest levels of education, experience, and integrity possible.

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This skilled and dedicated treatment team collaborates daily on your goals and makes revisions to your plan of care as needed to achieve your goals within our specialty services


The ongoing plan and corresponding progress are communicated to you and your family/caregivers throughout the patient’s journey. This plan serves as the road map back to independent living at the highest possible level. Click the down-arrows to the right to learn more about our team.




Eldon recently trained and competed in the Iron Man Competition in Waco, TX. Then he headed right back home to get back to work at Oklahoma City rehabilitation Hospital. 

This dedication and drive is what makes Eldon a special part of the OKC Rehab family. It is also why he is one of our employee spotlights. 

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Oklahoma City Rehabilitation hospital is a NOBIS- MANAGED rehabilitation hospital and is one of a group of state-of-the-art hospitals across the continental US.  The Nobis-operated hospitals all have a mission of delivering exceptional care through inspired people, industry-leading programs, innovation, and strong partnerships within the communities they serve.  

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