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Technology Tools Available at Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital in Oklahoma City

Our 40-bed acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital serves residents in Oklahoma City and

surrounding areas.

We recognize choosing the best inpatient rehabilitation care for you or your family member is incredibly important when working toward getting back to living life as normally and actively as possible after a debilitating illness or injury, such as stroke or amputation. Our inpatient rehabilitation hospital is designed to do just that - get you back to your life - with the technology and professional staff required that support your needs and help you build back your strength.

Inpatient Rehabilitation provides the best outcomes!

Recent medical studies definitively show that inpatient rehabilitation settings result in substantial improvement in the patient's physical mobility and ability to care for themselves. Our interdisciplinary team approach at Oklahoma City Rehabilitation Hospital offers all rehabilitation services and treatments to achieve the highest functioning outcome. The technological tools we have onsite to aid in your rehabilitation include but are not limited to - the Bioness / BITS, Omni Stand, NxStep Unweighting System, and Biodex Balancing System.

BITS is a software program that guides patients with traumatic injuries, movement disabilities

and executive dysfunction through a therapeutic process. A variety of assessments can be provided to aid in a patient’s individual recovery.

This provides a static or dynamic support to hold a patient up without the need for therapy staff. The stand is intended for exercise, assisted exercise and active therapeutic exercise. It can be used to facilitate improvements in balance and core strength.

The Biodex NxStep system allows partial weight-bearing therapy with open access to the patient so that therapists can focus on treating them manually. The dynamic single-point suspension accommodates pelvic rotation and vertical displacement.

This is an advanced measuring and training device which aids in static and dynamic balance

testing and training. The system has fall risk screening and conditioning for older adults as well as weight-bearing assessment and training for lower extremity patients. Here’s how our technology-assisted physical activities help get you or your loved one back to living their daily life.

  • Functional electrical stimulation 'wakes up' worn-down muscles, which causes them to contract.

  • Advanced technology helps impaired limbs carry out recurring motion, assisting patients in regaining function and strength.

  • Virtual Reality technology assists with hand-eye coordination and improves your ability to think and move.

This is just a snapshot of all the technologically advanced inpatient rehabilitation tools we have available for patients coming to us for their medical rehab. These technologies help our

occupational, physical and speech therapists strengthen patients and get them back to their

daily lives.

For more on our rehabilitation services please visit

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Oklahoma City Rehabilitation Hospital

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Located at: 10240 Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City, OK 73114

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