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The Care Was Outstanding, and the Foundation of the Great Care Was the Staff

This is one patient’s story shared by the patient and family. (For the privacy of the patient and family, the patient will be referred to as “Mr.”)

Therapy team, Pictured left to right: Shawna (PT), Charlotte (OT) and Michaelanne (PTA)

After Mr. experienced an illness requiring hospitalization, he continued to have a debilitating weakness that resulted in activity intolerance and challenges in balance and strength. Mr. was recommended an inpatient rehabilitation program as the best course of treatment to facilitate his return home.


When Mr. arrived at Oklahoma Rehabilitation Hospital, his family recalled that their expectations were low since hospital stays can be unpleasant, dark, and filled with overworked staff. The Oklahoma Rehabilitation Hospital team exceeded their expectations through the wonderful care from his direct rehab team and friendly and compassionate treatment from those who weren’t involved in his direct care.


The primary goal was for Mr. to be able to go home, and his family had some concerns that this would not be possible given his weakness.


The rehab team listened to what we wanted, what was reasonable in goals, and included my family and me every step of the way; I felt like a partner in my own care.”


Mr. and his family shared that the therapy wasn’t easy at times but that the rehab team was patient and persistent in their communication before every rehab treatment to ensure that the goals and the therapy were aligned. The therapy gym with the specialized equipment, walking assist devices, and different treatments by the therapy team were used in the plan of care for Mr.


The team pushed me to improve my strength and activity levels, always with encouragement and smiles. They even helped me with some exercises and stretching for an ongoing ankle stiffness issue!


Mr. did go home with his family and is enjoying regular hobbies again! Mr. celebrated a birthday the day after being released from Oklahoma City Rehabilitation Hospital. The family was surprised that someone at the hospital actually paid attention to his date of birth listed on his chart and gave him a plant upon discharge that is a “great reminder of a group of dedicated professionals who helped make an unfortunate experience as positive as possible.


Allen, RN

The primary team for Mr. was Shawna, Physical Therapist (PT); Michaelanne, Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA); Charlotte, Occupational Therapist (OT); Allen, RN; and Donna, CNA. The family stated that the Case Management team was also the best. “They jumped through hoops to make sure Mr. could go home as soon as possible and even had home healthcare set up the day after we got home.”


The family was even more inspired after talking to a number of the staff members at the hospital, who were so kind during their stay that “everyone really loves what they do at Oklahoma Rehabilitation Hospital.”


A few words from the Rehab Team for Mr:

Shawna has been a physical therapist for six years focused on rehabilitation; Michaelanne has been a PTA for almost 30 years and is certified in Neuro-Developmental Treatment. She has also served as a clinical instructor. Charlotte has been an OT for 30 years, and previously, she was the owner and operator of her own therapy company in home health.


Donna has been a CNA with Oklahoma City Rehab since close to opening day. She has been an asset to the hospital, her team, and her patients. She is a positive role model to new staff and cares deeply for the patients she serves. She has an impact on each of her patient’s recovery and is continually complimented on her ability to build rapport with her patients.

Donna, CNA

Allen has been an LPN since 2010. He is passionate about Rehabilitative Nursing and cares deeply for his patients and profession. He is genuine by nature and invests deeply in the goals of each patient he cares for.


When Mr. arrived, he could only walk a few steps and required moderate assistance for all mobility and activities of daily living tasks. Mr. had significant impairments in balance, strength, and activity tolerance.


 “During the nine-day stay, Mr. was an all-star patient who worked incredibly hard and was always willing to learn new things. With the combination of determination and diligence with the family support, Mr. was on the road to recovery immediately. Mr. left ambulating over 300 feet independently, climbing stairs, and was independent for all self-care tasks.”

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